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Elementary activities are included in the annual tuition rates and are no extra cost to our families.
We encourage as much participation as possible!

Rosetta Stone Language Learning for Grades 1-5

Rosetta Stone is a language learning program where students can choose up to learn any of the 25 languages through an immersion program. Students will be working individually with support from our sponsor on how to use the program. Students can also join to supplement their learning of a language they may already be learning.

Cooking Club for Grades 1-3

Students will be learning and preparing simple recipes that will provide a positive impact on their food preferences, cooking abilities, and intake. When children practice and build confidence in their ability to prepare nutritious meals and snacks, they are more likely to apply these skills in real life. These real-life skills transfer to healthy habits and better health.

Harry Potter Club for Grades 4-5

Harry Potter Club is the place to be! Come and get to know and experience the magic world of Harry Potter…who knows we might even play a Quidditch game or two!

Homework Club for Grades 3-5

Need some time to catch up on your work? Want to get ahead in your Dreambox math practice? How about doing some reading on Raz-kids? Then Homework Club is the place for you! Join us and have some fun while getting your daily homework done or working on iPads for math and reading practice. Choose the day that works best for you! 

Math Card Games Club for Grades 3-5

Every week, the students will be introduced a different card game or other math games that reinforce the math skills learned in class in a fun way.

Reading Club for Grades 3-5

Students will be reading and discussing books that will be read in a relaxing and fun atmosphere. Join in and improve your reading skills.

Win Shun and Kung Fu Club for Grades 1-5

Provided by a qualified Win Shun and Kung Fu Instructor, students will have an opportunity to learn and practice the martial arts of Win Shun and Kung Fu.

Tennis Club for Grades 3-5

Come and improve your skills, and learn how to enjoy a game of tennis!

Boys and Girls Soccer Club for Grades 1-2 & 3-5

Join in on learning and practicing the game of basketball. Students will learn to improve their skills and then play some games.

Boys and Girls Ball Games for Grades 1-2

Students will be learning and playing various ball games such as kickball, dodge-ball, touch ball and many other fun ball games.

Boys and Girls Basketball for Grades 3-5

We will explore science by doing hands-on experiments, dissections and field trips.  See how a heart pumps blood throughout your whole body and what lives in the soil right outside your house!

Math Club for Grades 1-2

An enhancing Math Class with fun and engaging activities – both hands on and on the iPads – for all Grade 1 and Grade 2 students. Join the Math Fun!

Photography and Photoshop Editing Club for Grades 3-5

Photography and Photo Editing Afterschool activities will be offered every Tuesday from 15:00 – 16:00. Students will have the opportunity to learn the basics of photography and photo editing by using cameras and programs specialized in editing pictures.

Fine Arts Competition (Lidice 2017) for Grades 1-5

Students have the opportunity to sign up and participate in the 45th International Children’s Exhibition of Fine Arts Competition. This year the theme is “Travel”. The competition was originally a recognition of children who died in in the village of Lidice during WWII. It is now dedicated to children who have died during wars around the world. The Czech Embassy is sponsoring the competition and all entries are due by February 15. In this club, Ms. Kristi Kamps will guide the students towards this competition. Students will be able to explore and produce art through drawing, painting, printmaking and mixed media.

AISC Choir for Grades 3-5

Elementary students will join the middle and high school students to rehearse and perform throughout the year athte UNITE Concert, holiday concerts, outside concerts and Senior Graduation!

Cross Country and Track and Field Club for Grades 3-5

Join in on learning how to enjoy fitness, wellbeing and learning how to do different track and field events. This event will take place at Strovolos stadium/park. Students will be taken there with the school transportation.

Environmental Crafting Club for Grades 1-5

Crafting Club offers students the opportunity to arise their creative within a fun atmosphere. They will learn to create crafts that can be useful and decorative by using scrap paper, water bottles, carton boxes etc, which they can provide from home. Students will create their own Christmas decorations for school and for home. Additionally, they will have the chance to be involved in group projects. The activities will be differentiated depending on the skills and abilities of the kids involved.

Drama Production for Grades 1-5

If you would like to participate in the elementary summer drama production this is the place to be! Join the club and help us prepare for our show this year.

Science Club for Grade 5-8

Do you want to spend your free time making polymers, crystals, rockets and investigating optics and static electricity?
If the answer is yes, then AISC’s Science Club is here for you!

Chess Club for Grades 1-5

Join to learn professional chess and improve your skills. The chess club will be supported by the OFIS Chess Federation and students will have an opportunity to compete in professional chess events.

Arts and Crafts Club for Grades 3-5

Students will have an opportunity to create simple, fun and interesting crafts. Join in and learn to be creative.

Greek Native Speakers Vocabulary Games Club for Grades 2-5

The Greek Native Speakers Vocabulary Enrichment Club is offered to the Grade 2-5 Elementary students and is especially designed to assist them with the acquisition and enrichment of Greek vocabulary and writing. The students will have the opportunity to practice and enrich their Greek vocabulary through games, focusing mainly on communication, and apply their knowledge on short pieces of writing. 

The Gratitude Club for Grades 1-5

Students will be creating different projects with regards to holiday celebrations that are celebrated on the yearly calendar as well as a focus on ways to support and recognize our school community. Participants will select a group project, identify a charity or cause to support, then plan and execute a fund raiser with the goal of learning about what they are trying to accomplish and how to go about it.

Chinese Language and Culture Club for Grades 1-5

We are excited to be offering the Chinese Language and Culture activity during the winterl session. It is open to grades 1-5. It’s a great opportunity for AISC children to learn aspects of the language and culture. It is a cooperation that we have developed with the Confucius Institute.

Education Motion Club for Grades 1-5

Kindermotion is offered by a qualified instructor. It is a developmentally designed education through motor skills (locomotor & nonlocomotor), physical development (strength, flexibility, coordination, balance, general fitness and nutritional knowledge) and imagery (problem solving and creative thinking) program, that prepares students minds and bodies for further athletic and academic pursuits.