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Middle & High School activities are included in the annual tuition rates and are no extra cost to our families. We encourage as much participation as possible!

Middle School Soccer Team

Come out and improve your soccer skills and play games on island with other private schools.

Middle School and High School Boys and Girls Hand ball Club

Come and improve your handball skills and get some good physical fitness.

Middle School Literary Writing Group for Students in the ELL Program Only

Students will receive guidance/support skills in English to improve their homework, writing and organizational skills.

Middle School Harry Potter Club

Harry Potter Club is the place to be! Come and get to know and experience the magic world of Harry Potter…who knows we might even play a Quidditch game or two!

Middle School and High School Boys and Girls Basketball Team

Come out for basketball and improve your skills. We will be playing with other private schools on-island.

Middle School and High School German Club

The German club is intended to give an insight into German Culture, by spreading an understanding of German traditions and customs, and to introduce to / or practice the language in a relaxed environment.

Middle School and High School Running Club

Students will be doing the fitness and training at Strovolos Park / Stadium in adequate atmosphere where there are trails to run on. Come and join in to train, to condition your body and for your own well-being. It’s a fantastic way to de-stress.

High School Modern Design Open Studio: Art, Clothing and Space!

Design is an applied art, especially dedicated to clothing, architecture, and interior design. In an open studio format, High School students are invited to utilize media of their choice to explore their individual creativity and expression through a combination of core artistic principles with innovation, fashion, theatre, and imagination

Middle School Greek for Foreign Speakers

The Greek as a Foreign Language Club is offered for beginners to advance level students and is especially designed to assist Middle School students with the acquisition of the language skills; speaking, writing, oral, vocabulary enrichment, and grammar. The students will have the opportunity to practice and enrich their Greek Language skills through games, focusing mainly on communication.

Middle School and High School Drama Club

In after school drama club, students will be involved and will audition for a play that will be performed in the later in the year. Some students will also be involved with aspects of technical theatre (set design/construction, script analysis, prop collection and costume/makeup design).

Middle School and High School Computer Programming Club

While in this club you will learn how to develop a computer game using a programming language of your choice. If you are in Middle School to grade 9 you may choose to create games using Alice, Scratch or Microsoft’s Kodu and if you are in grade 10 to 12 you may choose GameMaker or Microsoft’s XNA. And who knows… maybe we can compete as a team in a Pancyprian prestigious school competition!

Middle School and High School Cartoon/Manga Workshop Club

This club / afternoon activity is meant as a workshop, in which we will look at, analyse and (LEARN TO) DRAW first templates of cartoons / Mangas and on a later stage our own individual storylines.  

Middle School and High School Science and Nature Club

We will explore science by doing hands-on experiments, dissections and field trips.  See how a heart pumps blood throughout your whole body and what lives in the soil right outside your house!

High School Art Competitions Grades 9-12

The afternoon Art Competitions Club is a weekly creative outlet for High School students. Students will create art of all media, work together on collaborative projects, and express themselves in a relaxing environment with the aim to reach a wider public through entering national and world wide art competitions.

AISC All School Choir

Let’s create some beautiful music together. Students will be performing throughout the year at the UNITE concert, holiday concernts, outside concerts and the Senior Graduation!

AISC All School Band

All students that are part of the instrumental program are expected to participate in the band. Students will be performing throughout the year. If you have any questionsplease see Ms. Jarrold in the music room.

High School Boys Soccer Team

Join to improve your soccer skills, and play games on island. We will also be looking into organizing our third 7 a side tournament later in the year with other private schools. There may also be an opportunity to travel to a CEESA Soccer Tournament this year. Further information will be forthcoming soon.

Middle and High School Yearbook Club

If you love to capture memories, take cool photos, design on a computer, and express yourself through visual projects, then you should definitely think about working on the AISC Yearbook this year.  Students will study photography, layout and design, and interviewing strategies, as well as learn the nitty-gritty details of production. We’re looking for students who are self-motivated, cooperative, responsible, and who love to work. Creativity is a +PLUS!! And everyone who commits to this exciting year-long project will receive a FREE yearbook!  Who knows … there may even be a few pizza parties in the schedule! 

Middle School Spanish Club

In the Spanish club students are going to play games in Spanish, listen to Spanish songs, learn about Spanish culture, prepare Spanish food, watch Spanish movies and dance Zumba. If students have Homework in Spanish or things they didn’t understand completely the teacher is going to help them and provide material for them. Furthermore, Latin America’s world it is going to be explored through videos and pictures so students can identify the differences between the two Spanish speaking countries. Finally, if there is interest, Skype sessions with Spanish students are going to be organized. Also students will have the possibility of attending exhibitions or events in Cyprus, related to Spain and its culture.

AISC Senior Choir

Students will be performing throughout the year!

Middle and High School Command and Conquer

A Strategy video game that emphasizes skillful thinking and planning to achieve victory.  The game focuses on strategy and tactics.

Middle School Science Club

Do you want to spend your free time making polymers, crystals, rockets and investigating optics and static electricity? 
If the answer is yes, then AISC’s Science Club is here for you!

High School Model United Nations Club

Held this year in conjunction with the Toastmasters program, the MUN club will spend Dec and January preparing for MEDIMUN, an outstanding MUN conference sponsored by the English School, held in Nicosia Feb 10-12.  Students will research and learn about current global challenges and solutions, getting ready to debate these issues with students from around Cyprus.  

Middle School and High School Toast Masters Club

Toastmasters International is the leading non-profit organization devoted to creating effective leaders and communicators worldwide. Through its clubs, Toastmasters International helps people learn the arts of speaking, listening and thinking—vital skills that promote self-actualization, enhance leadership potential, foster human understanding and contribute to the betterment of mankind. It is basic to this mission that Toastmasters International continually expands its worldwide network of clubs, thereby offering ever-greater numbers of people the opportunity to benefit from its programs.  A.I.S.C. will be partnering with the toastmasters organisation this year and participating in their Inter School Speaking competition in February.

High School Film Club

The Film club gives the opportunity to watch, discuss and review quality productions, ideally in OV with subtitles.

High School Boys and Girls Tennis

Come and improve your tennis skills with Ms. Shockey. It’s a great way to keep fit as well.

Middle School and High School Chess Club

Improve your chess skills with Mr. Misha who an experienced chess player and teacher. He will teach new strategies to be able to compete at a higher level.

Middle School and High School Archery Club

Students will be learning, improving and practicing proper archery skills. Join Mr. Papapetrou for this fun activity.