Teaching at AISC offers the satisfication of working with bright and successful students, collaborating with excellent teachers in a team environment and having the curricular support you need.

The salaries and benefits for overseas (foreign) hires:

  • Competitive salary
  • Allowances for extra responsibilities
  • Credit for post-graduate degrees
  • Increments for teaching experiences
  • Furnished housing or a housing allowance
  • Annual home trips (and returns)
  • Shipping and settling-in allowances
  • Medical insurance (shared payment)
  • Tuition support for children
  • Support for professional development
  • Retirement plan support
  • No absence bonuses
  • Personal leave day, alloted Sick Days and Compassionate leave benefits
  • AISC accomodations that are safe and secure
  • Rich cutlural historic and recreational opportunities
  • Travel opportunities to intriguing and exciting cities and regions that are nearby
  • Climate that is pleasant year-round
  • Experiences that change lives