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  • Bicycle parking racks

AISC provides a full cafeteria service for students as an optional service. A menu for the coming week is sent home every week in The Islander newsletter. In 2011 AISC conducted a nutrition analysis on all meals offered to students. All our menus meet and exceed the standards and expectations as outlined by the Ministry of Education in Cyprus, as well as the American Dietary Association. A full nutritional analysis is displayed in the cafeteria for all school community members. The cafeteria provides snacks throughout the school day with a hot lunch plate on offer at lunchtime. Parents may make arrangements with the Cafeteria Manager, Ms Dina, for the food service for their child(ren). Several payment plans are available.

AISC will work with the cafeteria to provide lunches that all students may enjoy. In the case of a student with multiple or unusual allergies, however, AISC may require the student/family to provide lunch and snacks to ensure the student’s safety.

Elementary children have the option of purchasing a hot lunch or bringing a lunch from home. A menu is sent home each week in The Islander; please review this with your child. Lunch tickets may be purchased in the cafeteria. Students in K4-Grade 3 will be served the set lunch unless excused for medical or religious reasons. Students in Grades 4 and 5 may also choose from the a la carte menu. However, in the interest of promoting a healthy lifestyle, the elementary school has a policy disallowing candy, chocolate bars, gum, potato chips and carbonated drinks. The school may remove such snacks and contract the parent in such cases. On special days or occasions, the school may allow these items into the classroom.

Student Lockers

Each student in Grades 6-12 is assigned a locker and locker key. Lockers are intended for use by students for the safe keeping of their textbooks and other school materials. Students must maintain their locker in satisfactory condition and are responsible for their locker key and for the contents of their locker at all times. Students may not trade or share lockers unless by special permission. Locker clean out is done by students at the end of each school year. Items left during the summer are likely to be discarded. Students are responsible for damage to lockers. Vandalism is a Level 3 discipline matter.

Big toy playground area
Bicycle parking racks

AISC provides a bicycle rack on campus for students who ride their bikes to school.