The Fine Arts Department inspires students

to be creative, critical thinkers who have a unique place in our world.

“Art has the role in education of helping children become like themselves, instead of more like everyone else.”Sydney Gurewitz Clemens

Visual Arts

The Facility – AISC has two developmentally appropriate elementary and secondary art studios housing all materials needed for our budding and more mature artists!  The Visual Arts Department contributes to the school community with continuous exhibitions of work, raising awareness of social issues such as bullying and body image, friendship, family, culture, politics and freedom of speech.

Our Visual Arts Teachers inspires students through…
  • Trips to the Cyprus Archaeological Museum
  • Visits to The Birds of Cyprus Display at the Leventis Museum
  • Observations drawing trips to the Leventis Art Gallery
  • Printmaking units and study of Hambis the Engraver
  • Trips to Platania, Cyprus mountains, to observe land art installations Cyprus that are non-toxic to the environment using natural materials for the creation of installations
  • Creating scenography, props and wall murals
  • Visits to Loukia and Zambelas Art Museum and the State Gallery of Contemporary Art in Nicosia with opportunities to engage with different forms of art such as sculpture, printmaking and Cypriot Cementography
  • Participation in the International Children’s Competition/Exhibition of Fine Arts Lidice, Czech Republic
  • Annual Elementary and Senior Visual Arts Exhibitions

Theatre Arts

The Facility – AISC has its own little black box theatre! With a stage and space for about 150 in the audience the Theatre Arts Department contributes to the school community and enriches learning through a variety of productions each year and trips both locally and abroad.

Our Theatre Arts Teachers inspires students through…

  • Annual Theatre Arts productions including Roald Dahl’s The Witches; Little Shop of Horrors; Bugsy Malone and Macbeth
  • Annual Theatre Arts trips to London where students participate in professional theatrical workshops connected to Shakespearean theatrical conventions and musicals.
  • The Theatrical Organization of Cyprus (THOC) performances of Romeo and Juliet for Two; and Oedipus Rex
  • Little Muse’s Theatre production of Alice’s Wonderland for our younger students.

Performing and Musical Arts

The Facility – AISC has two music workshops, one for the elementary and one for the secondary.  The secondary music workshop has three sound-proof rooms and IT equipment for creating, composing and rehearsing unique compositions.  The workshops share instruments to elementary students as they explore their passions.  AISC students show their love and commitment to music by participating in a variety of performances.  Their dedication and hard work is recognized, not only in school, but also by the local community of Nicosia, and they continue to achieve outstanding levels of musicality in every performance.

Our Music Teachers inspire students through…

  • The AISC Private Music Lesson Program that invites professional and talented musicians who are regular performers in the
  • Symphonic Orchestra to provide music lessons to its students
  • Choir, band and individual performances
  • Music festivals in collaboration with other private schools in Nicosia
  • AISC Talent Show for middle and high school students
  • Holiday performances for all studentsParticipation in the Associated Board of The Royal Schools of Music exams
  • Annual elementary productions such as “It’s A Dickens of A Christmas” and “The Lion King”
  • IB/AD music performance during the IB/AD Visual Arts Exhibition
  • Visits to the Pharos Foundation to watch contemporary compositions
  • Trips to the Symphonic Orchestra of Cyprus to watch piano concertos
  • Improvisation and guitar techniques workshops and seminars
  • Youth Symphonic Orchestras; jazz and Rock/pop performances, samba drumming performances