• Life Long Learner
  • Pursuit of Excellence
  • Critical/CreativeThinker
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Integrity
  • Socially Responsible World Citizens
Life Long Learner

AISC graduates are inquisitive, reflective and have a desire to be life long learners.  They communicate effectively for a variety of purposes and are technologically literate for the 21st century.  They are open to a variety of aesthetic experiences and continue to develop an appreciation for the arts.

Pursuit of Excellence

AISC graduates are self-directed learners who prioritize in order to meet high academic standards.  They demonstrate skills in both collaboration and leadership and are willing to take risks and seek new experiences.  They are confident and responsible in making appropriate life choices.


AISC graduates are critical thinkers who evaluate information and use conclusions to guide their behavior for a common good.  As creative thinkers they are innovative and focused on exploring ideas and generating possibilities when problem solving.

Cultural Diversity

AISC graduates demonstrate an appreciation for cultural differences and understand the need for flexibility, sensitivity and adaptability.  They have acquired a high level of competency in at least one foreign language.


AISC graduates understand the importance of integrity and accountability and are positive thinkers.  They use their knowledge ethically, advocating universal values such as honesty, integrity, reciprocity and compassion.

Socially Responsible World Citizens

AISC graduates are aware of the global nature of many current social, economic and environmental issues and make positive contributions to society.