Our High School Students

AISC high school students come from many different countries, cultures and backgrounds. They are young adults forming opinions of themselves and the world in which they live. They ask good questions and demand a challenging educational program. They want to be prepared for the IB program, and post-secondary success. 100% of our high school students desire a university or college education.

Experiences formed at AISC have taught our high school students to listen to different points of view, be respectful of others’ opinions and value international-mindedness.

Our high school teachers do a superb job of building a collaborative relationship with their students – it is our key to success.

Our Curriculum

Our high school follows the Virginia State Standards. We deliver the standards using a concept-based curriculum which heightens our students’ awareness of the interconnectedness between people and ideas. The AISC high school educational program teaches students to be problem-solvers and thinkers, not just memorizers of facts.

Our teachers plan units that outline big ideas or concepts, compelling questions, essential understandings, knowledge and skills. Assessments are balanced and include performance-based, oral and written tasks – in addition to tests, quizzes and examinations.

AISC has a strong science and math program. We prepare students for the rigorous IB program. We offer Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Environmental Systems. At AISC we run an accelerated math program. Our high school math tracks support all IB levels. The high school Honors classes prepare students for the IB Higher Level courses, while the regular math track prepares students for IB Math Studies.

Our Pre-IB/IB Program

A high percentage of our students take IB classes. With this in mind, AISC has created a Grade 10 Writing Project which is a smaller version of the Extended Essay. The AISC Writing Project takes students through the Extended Essay experience, and reviews all the MLA referencing and citation skills. Research skills are taught in an explicit way so students are equipped before entering their IB years.

The IB Learner Profile

At AISC we strive to concretely implement the IB Learner Profile in all classrooms and in our school culture.

In every course, a reference is made to international mindedness, and examples of learning activities related to the learner profile are set up by the teacher. AISC teachers use a rubric to assess each student’s progress towards exhibiting the attributes of the learner profile.

At AISC we believe our diverse and unique student body, geographic location, and political intrigue, highly demand such introspective and reflective practice.

For more information about our High School program please download the Middle and High School Course Description Guide in the link below.


Academic Honesty Policy for Students in Grade 6 -12

Assessment at the American International School in Cyprus

Assessment at the American International School in Cyprus


College Planning Handbook

IB Course Guide at AISC - 2017-18

IB Course Guide at AISC – 2017-18

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