In an increasingly diverse and global world community, the IB is the foremost international gateway to universities around the world.  AISC students can benefit from the notoriety and prestige of the IB Diploma to enter the best universities in the United States, UK, Canada, Europe, Australia and Latin America, as well as almost anywhere else.

At AISC the IB program is a comprehensive and rigorous two year curriculum which culminates in an extended examination period at the end of year two.  In all subjects, students also complete internally assessed assignments unique to each course.

The general objectives of the IB program
  • To provide students with a balanced education
  • To facilitate geographical and cultural mobility
  • To promote international understanding
Please find the important dates and deadlines below:
The IB is the most widely recognized diploma in the world.

At AISC, students will enter into the IB Diploma Program in the 11th grade and take their final examinations in May of their 12th grade year.  Each student is required to take six academic subjects across a variety of disciplines and to include a minimum of two languages.  Furthermore, students will engage in an epistemological study of themselves by studying the IB flagship course:  Theory of Knowledge (TOK).

Students will also engage in a 4000 word Extended Essay on a topic of their choosing, which allows them to deeply explore a topic of interest and publish an original work of investigation.

Finally, unique to the IB program, students are enriched by participating in the Community, Action and Service (CAS) program, 150 hours given to the local or global community and reflected on in a process monitored by the CAS Coordinator.

Students can take IB classes online.

pjeAs a small school, AISC is limited in its ability to offer the full range of IB courses especially in the Group 3 Humanities category.  In order to be able to provide the widest range of options for our students, AISC offers IB courses online through Pamoja education.  Students are provided with a fixed time in their daily schedule to work in the computer lab with a Pamoja trained Site-Based Coordinator who acts as a liaison between the school and Pamoja.

Please access the AISC Pamoja Report Cards Asessment Dates through this hyperlink.

You can find out more about Pamoja Education by visiting their website.

IB DP subject Syllabi

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Academic Honesty Policy (Grade:6-12)

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The AISC Language Policy

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