The AISC Learning Support Centre was established in 1993 to provide students with mild learning difficulties an opportunity to receive the additional assistance necessary for academic success.

The Learning Support Centre teachers are friendly, helpful, inviting and skilled at supporting student learning using a variety of learning methods.

AISC offers services to students with mild-learning difficulties, mild attention deficit disorders (ADD, ADHD) and students who require re-teaching to grasp concepts and skills.

Learning Support Centre Services
  1. Support in a separate classroom (Resource)
  2. Support in the regular classroom (Inclusion)
  3. Learning strategies (taught explicitly by the LSC teacher)
  4. Assistance in the development of behavior modification programs
  5. Modifications to the curriculum K-8 (modifications will not be made from Grade 6-12)
  6. Accommodations for the student’s educational program in K-12 as long as AISC has documented evidence of a diagnosis that can be supported in the school.

It is important to note that AISC cannot support students with moderate learning difficulties.  All students are carefully screened so that we can ensure we can support the difficulties. This is made clear at the time of admissions and on all our admissions documents.

In order for a student to receive learning support services, the school requires documented evidence such as a psycho-educational evaluation.  It must be noted that even in the presence of a learning disability, all AISC students must be able to function academically in the regular mainstream classroom.

Differentiated & Supported Learning at AISC – What it means to students, teachers and families?

The AISC Language Policy

The AISC Language Policy


The AISC Learning Support Handbook

Differentiated & Supported Learning at AISC

Differentiated & Supported Learning at AISC.