Our Middle School Students

The middle school years are an exciting time for students as they transition from childhood to adolescence.  Early adolescents are experience dramatic changes in their cognitive abilities as they move from concrete to abstract thinkers. Their world is beginning to expand as they seek more independence and place more emphasis on their friends and mature physically.

At AISC, our middle school program is designed to nurture in a caring and supportive environment the intellectual, social, emotional and physical changes that are taking place in the lives of our learners.

Our Curriculum

AISC offers middle school students a rigorous core curriculum in the areas of English, math, science, social studies, and foreign language or Greek for native speakers.  An extensive exploratory program allows students to explore their interests and talents in the areas of art, drama, music, physical education and health and technology. A culture of innovation and creativity promotes problem solving and critical thinking that serves our students well in a global environment.

Our Advisory Program

AISC has created a unique advisory program for middle school students. Each middle school student has an adult advocate who serves as an advisor in helping them to monitor their academic progress, set personal learner goals, assist in organizational and study skills and explore university and career possibilities. In advisory close knit relationships are fostered between and among students and their advisor.  This supportive environment promotes personal and academic growth during this transition.

2017-2018 Assessment at American International School in Cyprus


Academic Honesty Policy for Students in Grade 6 – 12

Course Description Guide 2017-2017