Harry Potter Club for Grades 4-5

Harry Potter Club is the place to be! Come and get to know and experience the magic world of Harry Potter…who knows we might even play a Quidditch game or two!

Homework Club for Grades 3-5

Need some time to catch up on your work? Want to get ahead in your Dreambox math practice? How about doing some reading on Raz-kids? Then Homework Club is the place for you! Join us and have some fun while getting your daily homework done or working on iPads for math and reading practice. Choose the day that works best for you! 

Math Card Games Club for Grades 3-5

Every week, the students will be introduced a different card game or other math games that reinforce the math skills learned in class in a fun way.

Reading Club for Grades 3-5

Students will be reading and discussing books that will be read in a relaxing and fun atmosphere. Join in and improve your reading skills.


Advanced Tennis Club

Grades 3-5 This club is only for students who are advanced players and who have had lessons for at least three years. The students will work to refine their skills.

Boys and Girls Soccer Club for Grades 1-2 & 3-5

Join in on learning and practicing the game of basketball. Students will learn to improve their skills and then play some games.

Boys and Girls Ball Games for Grades 1-2

Students will be learning and playing various ball games such as kickball, dodge-ball, touch ball and many other fun ball games.

Boys and Girls Basketball for Grades 3-5

We will explore science by doing hands-on experiments, dissections and field trips.  See how a heart pumps blood throughout your whole body and what lives in the soil right outside your house!

Math Club for Grades 1-2

An enhancing Math Class with fun and engaging activities – both hands on and on the iPads – for all Grade 1 and Grade 2 students. Join the Math Fun!

Photography and Photoshop Editing Club for Grades 3-5

Photography and Photo Editing Afterschool activities will be offered every Tuesday from 15:00 – 16:00. Students will have the opportunity to learn the basics of photography and photo editing by using cameras and programs specialized in editing pictures.

PlayLearn in Greek Club

Grades 1-5Learn Greek through games, dancing, cooking, and customs of Cyprus. The aim of this activity is to learn more Greek and the civilization. Is going to help the children who are taking Greek as a second language but also all those who really want to learn Greek.

AISC Choir for Grades 3-5

Elementary students will join the middle and high school students to rehearse and perform throughout the year athte UNITE Concert, holiday concerts, outside concerts and Senior Graduation!

Cross Country and Track and Field Club for Grades 3-5

Join in on learning how to enjoy fitness, wellbeing and learning how to do different track and field events. This event will take place at Strovolos stadium/park. Students will be taken there with the school transportation.

Environmental Crafting Club for Grades 1-5

Crafting Club offers students the opportunity to arise their creative within a fun atmosphere. They will learn to create crafts that can be useful and decorative by using scrap paper, water bottles, carton boxes etc, which they can provide from home. Students will create their own Christmas decorations for school and for home. Additionally, they will have the chance to be involved in group projects. The activities will be differentiated depending on the skills and abilities of the kids involved.

Drama Production for Grades 1-5

If you would like to participate in the elementary summer drama production this is the place to be! Join the club and help us prepare for our show this year.


Chess Club for Grades 1-5

Join to learn professional chess and improve your skills. The chess club will be supported by the OFIS Chess Federation and students will have an opportunity to compete in professional chess events.

Arts and Crafts Club for Grades 3-5

Students will have an opportunity to create simple, fun and interesting crafts. Join in and learn to be creative.

Greek Native Speakers Vocabulary Games Club for Grades 1-5

The Greek Native Speakers Vocabulary Enrichment Club is offered to the Grade 2-5 Elementary students and is especially designed to assist them with the acquisition and enrichment of Greek vocabulary and writing. The students will have the opportunity to practice and enrich their Greek vocabulary through games, focusing mainly on communication, and apply their knowledge on short pieces of writing. 


Spanish Club

Grades 1-5 In the Spanish club students are going to play games in Spanish, listen to Spanish songs, learn about Spanish culture, prepare Spanish food, watch Spanish movies and dance Zumba. Furthermore, Latin America’s world it is going to be explored through videos and pictures so students can identify the differences between the two Spanish speaking countries. Come and join in!

Board Games Club

Grades 1-3 Every week, the students will be introduced to different board games; educational and math games will be included. Join the club and learn.

Krypto Math Club

Grades 3-5 If you want to strengthen your basic math operation skills (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division), playing Krypto is a fun way to do it. It’s a card game that can be fast and exciting, and it will always be fun. Prizes will be awarded at the end of each week.

English and Speaking Club

Grades 1-5 The Elementary English Language Club will focus on conversation and reading skills to improve interpersonal communication. Activities will include reading stories, participating in reader’s theatre, playing games, and much more. This will be a small group club, so it is open to the first 8 students who sign up.

Coding and Programming Club

Grades 1-5 Elementary students will learn programming skills and computer science basics through fun activities, games and projects. The students will also explore the fun world of code.org.


Tennis Club

Grades 1-2 Students need to bring their own tennis racquets. This club will help your child get started with the basic skills that are necessary to improve tennis skills and coordination.


Hope For Children Club (CRC Campus Club)

Grade 5 only “CRC Campus Clubs” aim to help and support children to learn about their rights, become accredited volunteers and work towards defending and promoting their interests. The “CRC Campus Clubs” with the collaboration and constant support of “Hope For Children” CRC Policy Center and the professionals in the fields of Psychology, Social Work, Law and Research will hold discussions, workshops, activities and events, aiding children to become more informed citizens, bringing a profound and essential change to our current and future society. The program of CRC Campus Clubs will be tailor made to respond to the general and specific needs of AISC. At the end of the year the children participating will be named as Young Ambassadors of “Hope For Children” CRC Policy Center.


Competitive Swimming Club

Grades 4-5 The students will be training for the Swimming Gala competition to be held in late October. Students must be experience swimmers. No beginners because the training will be intense.

Yoga Club

Grades 1-5 “Feeling tired after a long school day? Join the class for a fun activity that will help you calm down and boost your focus and confidence.”

Math Olympiad

Grades 3-5 Students who have signed up for the Math Olympiad can get extra practice and preparation in a fun and supportive atmosphere in order to get ready for the event.

Robotics Club

Grades 3-5 The students in the Robotics club will have the chance to learn playfully with the help of technology and they will “learn by making”. They will build and program their own robots using NXT LEGO Mindstorms by creating their own programs and writing their own algorithms. (Limited space for the first 10 students)