Partnerships for AISC Students

Stanford University Pre-Collegiate International Institutes

The American International School is a partner school with Stanford University bringing students across Cyprus to their prestigious, two-week residential summer program in the USA. Students who attend the Stanford Pre-Collegiate International Institutes are exposed to university level content and teaching style in a classroom that fosters communication, innovation, and creativity. Courses, labs and workshops draw on a range of subjects taught at The Stanford School of Humanities and Sciences, Engineering, Medicine and Business. The style of instruction is designed to foster a passion for intellectual pursuit and allows students to engage in a transformational educational experience while exploring various post-secondary academic programs and career interests to help students determine their future pathways. With a select number of spaces, Stanford University has entrusted the American International School in Cyprus, to evaluate, screen and select applicants for the program. To learn more about Stanford’s

Summer Institute Information please click on this link:
We look forward to many positive rewards for students through this AISC-Stanford partnership.

Stockholm International Junior Water Project Competition –

Since 2014, AISC Grade 11 & 12 students have participated in unique scientific research in partnership with the Stockholm Junior Water Project Competition. Each year, thousands of participants in over 30 countries all around the globe join national competitions in hopes of earning the chance to represent their nation at the international final held during the World Water Week in Stockholm. The national and international competitions are open to young people between the ages of 15 and 20 who have conducted water-related projects of proven environmental, scientific, social or technological significance. The projects range from local or regional to national or global topics. The winner of the Stockholm Junior Water Prize receives a USD 15,000 award, a blue crystal prize sculpture, a diploma as well as the stay in Stockholm. H.R.H. Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden is the Patron of the Stockholm Junior Water Prize.

Hope for Children Anti-Bullying Program

AISC is a partner with the UN Hope for Children’s Policy Centre in their anti-bullying program and in support of their mission to safeguard children’s rights. AISC students partner with HFC Ambassadors, participate in seminars and workshops by leading psychologists and professors and members of the Centre to improve the quality of life for all children not only at AISC but in the community and greater society.


Esol Education is commemorating a major milestone this year as it completes its 40th year of providing high quality international education to children and families. The American International School in Cyprus (AISC) has been a part of the Esol Education family since 1993. The Esol Education Superintendent hires the AISC Head of School to operate and lead the entire school and maintain all professional and academic standards and accreditations, in the highest possible manner, under the Esol Education organization and AISC Mission.


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