To begin the application process at AISC, families should contact Sandra Barakat in the Admission’s Office.  All families are encouraged to make an appointment for a visit and tour of the school.  If you would like your child to spend a day at AISC, we can arrange a one-day visit (provided the visit does not take place in the last 9 weeks of the school year).

For admission, please submit the following:

  1. Report cards for the past 3 years – required for all applicants in Grades 1-12
  2. Letter of recommendation from previous School Director or Principal outlining student behavior and personal conduct
  3. AISC School Recommendation Forms for elementary and secondary students should be given to the applicant’s current school to complete – completed recommendation forms must be sent directly to AISC Admission’s Office by the applicant’s current or previous school
  4. All available standardized tests results
  5. Psycho-educational assessments, not more than three years old, if applicable
  6. All other reports if child has been diagnosed with learning or emotional difficulties
  7. A completed application form with the application fee (EURO 500.00 per applicant)
  8. Attach the following to the application form:  a recent photograph, passport copy, birth certificate copy, medical report stating the applicant can participate in all activities including PE, and an updated vaccination certificate

If there is anything you would like to add to the application please write your comments on the back of the application form.   

AISC Language Policy


AISC Language Policy – Click to Download

Assessments for Admission and/or Placement Decisions

English Language Learner (ELL) assessments are conducted at AISC.  Please see the English Language Learner Admission Policy for more information.

All applicants applying for Grade 6 or higher, must complete a school-designed math and writing assessment as part of the application process for admission and/or placement decisions.

Please Note:
Students with any physical or educational difficulties will need to provide complete documentation of their academic history, psychological-educational evaluations and details of extra academic/specialist support they have had or are currently receiving.  Withholding information about special needs may lead to withdrawal of the student. 

All applicants must meet in person with the Admission’s Director.

AISC reserves the right to refuse admission to a student applicant for reasons considered relevant by the school.