Cyprus Handbag Campaign

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The Grade 6 Class is asking for your help as we seek to support migrant women in Nicosia by contributing to the Caritas Cyprus Handbag Campaign. We would like to collect at least 25 handbags and fill them with essential items that every woman needs. In addition to donating the items requested by grade level in an email that went home to all families, you can help us by doing any of the following:

  • Donate a gently used handbag that you are no longer using
  • Make a cash donation so that we can purchase necessities and fill bags ourselves
  • Purchase and donate a ready-to-use SIM card so that these women may call home
  • Donate a fully filled handbag with items from the list in the letter emailed home to all families

Handbag Campaign Letter

Thank you,

From the Students of Grade 6