“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” Helen Keller
AISC educates students coming from more than 50 different countries, speaking more than 38 mother tongue languages.

AISC has a vast local and international community serving Embassies and Consulates, United Nations, multinational companies and private and host country citizens. This diversity brings a special richness to the school community and helps students see how different people from a variety of backgrounds can work, play and learn together.

Our Parents as Partners

AISC embraces parent involvement!  One of the best ways to raise academic achievement is to involve parents.  From reading stories, to sharing cultural traditions, to fundraising for special projects, our parents are part of our community in many enriching ways.

Parent Advisory Committee (PAC)

The PAC is a committee of parent volunteers from all grade levels who work together to help the school meet its goals and realize its mission. It provides helpful feedback to the school in matters of program and policy.  It is a decision-shaping group that supports the betterment of the school community.

Parent and Student Network (PASNET)

The PASNET is a spirit-building parent group that designs events to support community spirit!  It organizes the Room Parent Volunteer Program, the annual Halloween Event, International Food Festival, Healthy Living Activities, and more!  All parents are welcome to attend and volunteer their time through the PASNET organization.


AISC has an alumni community. Once AISC – always AISC! Past students and families are always returning to visit staff members, see the school and offer their services to the community. If you are interested in signing up for the Alumni community,

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AISC communicates in a variety of ways, from the Islander to the ALMA and MANGEBAC Student Information Systems, to Hawk Feathers describing the positive behaviors that our students are displaying, to emailing the good news home, teachers, students, staff and parents are in regular communication on a daily and weekly basis.

AISC Language Policy


AISC has many value-added services such as home-cooked meals, bus services, after school activities, after school tutoring, health screening, learning support, English as a second language, and more… check out AISC as the school of choice for your child!

International Day


Latest Family Fundraising Project for NuDay Syria (Hope/Love/Peace)

Holiday Potluck Lunch