The ELL Program

For Grades 1-10 the English language screening assessments are based on the LAS (Language Assessment Scale) Links Proficiency Level Descriptors describing 5 levels of proficiency: Beginning (1), Early Intermediate (2), Intermediate (3), Proficient (4) and Above Proficient (5) within the four literacy domains: Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing. In placing students in ELL classes, every effort is made to ensure students are placed in the appropriate age group class at the time of their application.

“The LAS Links provides reliable English language proficiency results to make crucial instructional decisions. It allows schools to measure student growth from year to year and between grades. It measures social and academic skills for a comprehensive view of language abilities and accurately and reliably meets the needs of all English Language Learners” (CTB/McGraw-Hill).

At AISC the ELL assessments are conducted in grade bands of: K-1, 2-3, 4-5, 6-8 and 9-12.

For students applying to AISC from Cypriot public schools, or schools where the academic language is other than English, the following procedures are followed:

(Note: ELL classes are not available for students in KG4 and KG5 at AISC.)

Helpful Definitions

Sheltered English: Is a separate English class to support beginning English speakers. This class is very small and instruction is individualized to meet the specific needs of the ELL student. English Language Learner Plans (ELLPs) are created to set goals to maximize learning (Sheltered English is subject to extra tuition – see The AISC Tuition Schedule).

In Elementary school the ELL classes are scheduled during the Greek for Native/Foreign Language classes. Each ELL class is 45 minutes in duration.

In Middle School the Sheltered English class is scheduled during the English Literature period, in place of the regular English class.

Push-ins: An ELL teacher goes into the regular classroom and provides one-to-one support within the regular program. The teacher may modify the curriculum and assessment up to a Level 3 student. (Push-ins are subject to extra tuition – see The AISC Tuition Schedule).

Per-cycle: means per 10 days on the AISC schedule

Per week: pertains to elementary students, and is the period of time over 5 days in a week.

Communication Between ELL Teachers and Classroom Teachers

ELL teachers work with all faculty in the induction program at the beginning of each academic year to ensure that all teachers fully understand and are able to make use of the valuable information provided in the admissions testing and screening process. ELL teachers distribute to the appropriate classroom teachers information about the students they are working with and their applicable levels of English language proficiency.

Modified Assessments for ELL Students

In Grades 6-8 Level 1, 2 & 3 ELL students will receive differentiated instruction and a modified assessment when deemed appropriate by the ELL teacher in consultation with the classroom teacher. The report card grade will include an asterisk (*) and a comment indicating that different assessment criteria have been used to assess the student’s work. Once the student is identified as no longer needing ELL support, the modified assessment is no longer applied.

AISC does not modify assessments or grades for any student in Middle School at a Level 4 or 5, and for any students starting from Grade 9 until Grade 12 in order to maintain the integrity of its American Diploma high school credit program.

Exit Criteria

We assess each student’s English language proficiency progression by collecting a wide range of data including LAS Links proficiency assessments, student work samples, projects, portfolios and collaborative work. Each student will exit the ELL program based upon a variety of assessments and criteria. This holistic approach culminates in an exit decision being made that includes the ELL teacher, classroom teacher and Principal.

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