AISC employs a full time, qualified, School Guidance Counsellor who provides personal, university and career counselling services.  The AISC Counselling Office serves as a resource center for students and their families.  The AISC Guidance Counselor manages our students’ university application process from A-Z.  At AISC there is no need to hire outside consultants, all university application services are provided within the school.

We Offer Access to Tools & Resources

Our Counselor has a library of books, digital sources and other written material to help students, families and teachers with topics such as self-esteem, moving overseas, transitions, adolescence changes, intercultural interactions, handling crises, grief management.  Our Counselling office leads career exploration including the administration of interest inventories and career surveys. Cialfo University & careers guidance platform is used extensively to explore universities, build resumes, set goals and explore future post-secondary pathways.

We Offer Individual and Group Counseling

Our Counselor works with students to overcome possible academic difficulties and/or challenges in engagement, preparation and initiative levels, as well as personal problems so that our students have every opportunity to be successful. The Counselor provides group counseling when needed, and leads mediations between students using the AISC Human Right’s Policy.

We Monitor Student Achievement

Our Counselor monitors academic achievement to determine if students are meeting their full potential.  If students struggle, the student’s teachers meet with the counselor to recommend a prescriptive course of action that may include tutorials, alternative use of free periods, involvement of the Learning Center or outside support.

We Teach Guidance Seminar Classes

Starting in Grade 9, Guidance Seminar is a required class for all students. A variety of topics are covered during weekly seminars.

  • Organizational skills
  • Mindfulness skills
  • Stress management
  • Health and wellness topics
  • Career exploration
  • University readiness
  • Study skills, time management and test taking strategies
  • Understanding graduation credits and transcripts
  • College/university planning
  • Building the high school resume
  • College/university fairs
  • College/university exams (PSAT, SAT, SAT Subject Tests, ACT)
  • Developing personal statements for the university application
We Offer College and University Planning and Placement

The Counselor guides the university application process and organizes and distributes all the university information so that students have access to a wide range of programs. The Counselor works with students and families individually, and in class seminars, to assist students in exploring options for universities and completing the application process.

At AISC, students have been admitted to outstanding colleges and universities throughout the world.  Our Counselor is fully trained in using both the UCAS system and the Common App, and has experience working with different systems around the world.

We are an Official College Board Testing Center

AISC is a testing site for SAT and ACT examinations from the College Board. The Counselor serves as a community resource and referral service for university applications and college tests.