George Mousouros

George Mousouros

The 21st century has been a great starting point that presented us with opportunities to think outside the box in terms of teaching and learning in schools. In today’s world the typical classroom consists of at least two electronic devices that helps engage students in ways that a few years ago were not possible. Students can take online courses, search for learning resources, create and contribute, share and communicate instantly.

The technology department at AISC provides the tools necessary to teachers, staff, students and parents. Our audio and video tools in classrooms along with the smart boards, give the opportunity to our educators and students to explore new possibilities in teaching and learning. Three computer labs, one library lab and one music lab enhance student success through technology. Our school wide wireless provides access to secure access to the information in need.

Our School Management System is the core of information access anywhere, anytime. Students and parents have access to their timetable, grades, attendance, class reports, lessons and activities in a user friendly platform. Teachers will be able to organize their grade books and teaching through this platform.

Apart from preparing the teaching facilities for the new academic year, we organize training sessions to support our teaching staff. We are committed to making the school an inspiring, technology-rich learning space supported by a range of services to enhance student experience and to enable skill development.

George Mousouros, MBA
IT Director

George Mousouros, from Cyprus, joined AISC in 2012 and he is responsible for all aspects of information technology at the school. He has been working in the IT field since 2005 and was responsible for IT teams that supported large academic environments. Throughout his career he was able to successfully build teams to meet the strategic objectives of the organization.

George holds a BSc in Computer Engineering and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Arizona. He has been working in academia after the completion of his bachelor’s degree and has experience in management of IT, Information Security and business planning and continuity. At the University of Arizona he worked at one of the largest colleges and later on he joined the security department as an Information Security Analyst. Before coming back to Cyprus he worked at the University’s Human Resources.