Policies: high-level statements, equivalent to organizational law, that drive decision making within AISC. School policies are subject to a rigorous review process.

Standards: define minimum requirements designed to address certain risks and specific requirements that ensure compliance with a policy or standard. They provide a basis for verifying compliance through audits and assessments. All units must meet the standards supporting the Information Security Policy and are encouraged to adopt local standards that exceed the minimum requirements.

Procedures are step-by-step instructions for accomplishing a task. Procedures published are designed to reinforce AISC policies. Procedures may also play an important role in maintaining compliance with regulations.

Guidelines are general recommendations or instructions that provide a framework for achieving compliance with policies. They are more technical in nature than policies and standards and are updated on a more frequent basis to account for changes in technology and/or AISC practices.

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Access Control
Email Policy
Acceptable Use of Computers and Networks