Technology is justifiably implemented when it:

Is available and accessible from everywhere
Is used to enhance learning opportunities for students
Provides the tools necessary to become more efficient
Is used in ways that is meaningful

Creative Learning Environment

Our Smart Board Interactive classrooms help improve their learning outcomes. Our educators deliver dynamic lessons, create digital interactive lessons and enhance the experience and learning for students.

Electronic Classrooms

Our teachers can post their homework and course work for their classes electronically, and students can get their assigned homework, course work and marks online. The information is easily accessible by both students and parents at any time.

e-Document Repository

All the school’s hard copy forms and documents have been converted to electronic format and are now hosted on our internal document repository. Accessing the electronic files is efficient, less time consuming and above all it saves paper!

Wireless Coverage

Our wireless network provides convenient, remote, secure access to resources within the school’s premises. Our extended coverage provides freedom to go anywhere on the school’s premises and still perform tasks previously accessible only on a wired network. The cutting edge enterprise wireless upgrade enabled our wireless network to carry a greater number of simultaneous connections, a stable uninterrupted service that improves the student collaboration across our school.

Online Ticket Request System
Centrally Located Printers
Public Announcement System